The Talking Nonprofits with Tephanie Podcast was founded by Tephanie Hopper. A native of Geneva, Alabama, Tephanie moved to El Paso, Texas and has made it her home for the past twenty years. An  Army veteran, she received a BS in Healthcare Management. It was there at Park University that she developed her love for nonprofit work. She actively volunteered with various organizations, including Family Readiness Groups, American Red Cross, and Hospice El Paso. Her activism led her to a Management role for the Fort Bliss Army Volunteer Corps. She has served in this role for over ten years, furthering her passion and network with numerous nonprofits.

The Talking Nonprofits was formed with the hopes of connecting other entities and constituents looking to share insight and get involved. It has since evolved into a community, which is sustained through its dedicated members. After hearing these personal accounts, you’ll be refreshed and inspired by hearing how others fail and succeed. This will give you guidance on how to move forward in connecting your nonprofit to the community.

In light of her work, Tephanie has received the Federal Executive Association of El Paso-Excellence in Public Service Award, the Extraordinary Ladies in the Community Award, and the Fort Bliss Commanding Generals Awards. When she’s not inspiring others to let their voices be heard, she frequently reads, goes hiking, and travels to see her two sons who are active duty Military personnel.

What does community mean to you?